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Find a passport or travel document form - canada.ca

If you're applying for a passport, check the country where you live — your best chance of getting a visa to that country is to obtain a visa before travelling there.

pptc 153 e : adult general passport application - canada.ca

No, apply for a citizenship certificate, available online   at  6. No, apply for an oath of citizenship, available online at   8.   Yes, do everything in my list, but only through a Canadian consulate. If you decide to stay in Canada for now, you will need to apply for a passport every time you come back to Canada. I recommend using a Canadian consulate to save you time and stress. I would recommend having at least a partial knowledge of English and another language(s) if you are going to stay for at least a year. Having a degree from a university in they will help since you will have to deal with language issues in the embassy, for example. I can't help you with your language skills. I did speak French (Cantonese) at university for a short time, but I learned a great deal by working with a language.

adult general passport application

Contains information needed to complete this section of the form. 5. Provide documentation showing you have not been convicted of a criminal offense involving fraud or deception. You must not have been convicted of a related or other offense if you plan to renounce. Provide the following: a. A police record check. If available, send to your former service provider (Service Canada) with supporting documentation including: Your full name and date of birth or an identification number issued by law enforcement authorities; your full name and date of birth or an identification number issued by law enforcement authorities; A copy of your police record; a copy of your police record; A copy of your passport; or A copy of your passport; or Your spouse's or common-law partner's, or each of the spouses or common-law partners of your children, immigration record or Permanent Resident Card (PRC). Send this information to your past service provider if you.

adult general passport application - gov.bc.ca

Or by calling. No. There is no way to verify the status of your applicant. Yes, but not for any of the following: If you are trying to obtain a document from other countries, you must show proof of Canadian citizenship. If you are asking for a document to be issued to you by the Canadian Embassy or High Commission abroad where your permanent resident visa is issued, then you need to show proof of Canadian citizenship. The following questions are asked, but you do not need to answer them: Who is the issuing authority? Are any individuals listed on your application who are not Canadian citizens present or have been located? You need to show that a person is a citizen of a country if they are: From a country outside Canada whose citizenship is recognized by the government of Canada; or if one of your ancestors was born abroad; or if you have a parent, grandparent,.

Instructions for an adult abroad general passport application

If you don't have two identical photocopies of original documents, then you'll need to get a photocopy of each document on one side (see diagram) and a photocopy of a photocopy of the other. Proof of current status If you're the one applying, and you haven't received permanent resident status, then you'll need to provide a “proof of current status” from the “Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Services”, which is the government of Canada, in order to qualify for the visa. This “proof of current status” is for all applicants, regardless of age, unless they're under 18 years old. The proof must include the following: A letter from the Canadian citizenship and immigration service (if you don't have a letter form yet, then go right ahead and get one now!) that has the following information:   Your birthdate (maybe dated earlier than you will be alive).   Date of your.